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Communication is a description of our state through which we communicate with others. But what if we lack the words for reality, or the connection to ourselves?

Rady to take off:


A man walks into a restaurant and sits down. The waiter comes: what can I bring you Sir?
Well I dont want potatoes, no fish, I hate citrus,
The waiter nods. Is there anything in specific I can bring you?
Well something delicious. I´m hungry.
The waiter comes with a souffle.
The man eats some and goes home dissappointed.
What a missery. These restaurants are so bad these days.
At home a friend asks him: Did you order what you want?
Maybe this could help?!?

In Rage Club we dive in what is important to us and give it a voice to create.

Come and join. We start on the 25th of January 15:30 CET.
To voice what you want.

The training will be held in german.
Anna Harrison


Radical Relating

Radical Relating: Dive for the relationships you want – with your conscious anger.

Are you longing for something, that you have not been able to create yet in your relationships? Did you ever consider that you need your conscious anger for creating intimacy?

In this 4 weeks training, you will get to explore how your conscious anger serves you to radically relate: to say what you want, to make radical offers, to be vulnerable. Let yourself be surprised how alive your relationships can become!

This is for you whether you are in a love relationship or not. Radical relating will serve any of your relationships with your fellow human beings.

We recommend that you have participated in a Rage Club beforehand, or at least have some experience with conscious anger.

Your spaceholders:
Anna Harrison & Julia Neumann
4 Mondays from 18 July, 10am-12pm CET / 8-10pm NZT
Via Zoom. Zoom link will be provided upon registration.
How much:
EUR 145 / $ 175

Alive lived Family Project with Nicole Hartley Bradford


While we communicate, many processes run simultaneously and automatically. This is great for well-rehearsed processes. But what happens if one or more of these processes do not achieve the desired result or simply no longer feel good?
Then we can start doing something different on one of the levels. Am I speaking from an attitude that allows me to act freely and responsibly (adult ego) or do I feel dependent on my counterpart (child ego)?
What feelings can I perceive?
Which sentences trigger me?
Do I act or react?


This is about experienced centring.
How does it feel to be centred? What is an encounter with someone like while I am centred?
With exercises we will make this tangible in order to get tangible reference points.
An experience remains in our body like a compass that we can use.

Developement of your personality

„What should I do?“ „What would be useful now?“
Thoughts go round and round in the head and a solution is not in sight.
The path to yourself is a journey through a snowy landscape where there are no tracks yet. You will find your way with every step into the unknown.
In the conversation we can look at whether your inner compass is influenced by old decisions and emotions, and which ones help you to achieve which results.
After the orientation process you can see more clearly where you are and decide whether you want to take a new step and if so, in which direction.

Education ~ Relationship

What would my life be like if I didn’t act against my feelings but with them?
And what would the idea be to show little people and ourselves how they can use the information and energies from these feelings to find their own way?
How can space be created for me as a mother/father and thereby also space for the child and for its own unfolding?
This journey begins with yourself.
These are questions that can help us to live anew a mindful way of dealing with ourselves and our children, from moment to moment.

Laboratory Love

Relationships don´t die from a lack of Love, Relationships die from a lack of Intimacy.

Clinton Callahan

What creates intimacy?
And how can I create moments in which intimacy can arise?
There are different kinds of intimacy:
On the intellectual level we can have fascinating conversations, plan together, read, discuss….
On the physical level we can dance, have sex, sing, massage, bathe, body paint, play….
On the emotional level we can share our feelings, be vulnerable, trust, accept, listen attentively, grieve, celebrate….
On the energetic level we can be present, meditate, appreciate, share, withdraw, be against, hold space, be mindful….

Book coaching

Single session: 60-90 €
Couple sessions: 90-150 €

Day workshop or workshops can be negotiated.

Arrangements by phone: +49 176 45 96 29 07
or by e-mail: moc.g1721915087nihca1721915087oc-no1721915087sirra1721915087h@ofn1721915087i1721915087

Anna Harrison

I am a woman:
Intense, bubbly, refreshing and willing to use my clarity for my longing for love, connection and authentic power.
A gardener who helps life to blossom.
Part of me works like a whirlwind, blowing away all external baggage to find the essence of life; another part is quite calm and holds space.
I walk my own path: circus artist, entrepreneur, dancer, mother, coach, psychology student….
I am on the way. On my way.

How I work

When is the time for a chick to hatch from the egg?
To leave the nest?
It senses it.
It is time for something new.

And this feeling that now it’s time for something new is a certainty within yourself.

The power for liberation from the shell, from old beliefs, from habits and stories lies within you. I offer you a space with clarity and possibilities in which we can perceive and work on the shell with discernment, so that step by step you get as much freedom as you can bear. Freedom does not come as a gift.
Leaving the protective and familiar environment (eggshell) is always a risk. Everything that is familiar we know and has an assessable horror – and – has not been the solution so far. So we have to go new ways – into the unknown with our own feelings as a compass.

My work is about conscious feeling.
Feelings are like a compass that shows us where and how we relate to the environment and what means something to us.

My goal is to illuminate together where you are right now, with the orientation towards your values, on your path and to give you tools with which you can shape your life.


I use distinctions, thoughtmaps and processes from Possibility Management. For further information please click here: Possibility Management.

I encourage my clients to read the books:
Conscious Feelings and
Building love that lasts
by Clinton Callahan.

For those who want to start experimenting right now: here is the portal to a huge game: the Start over game.

What participants experienced:

Mr. T.

…For me it was great to realise in the exercise that some times in my life when I have stood up for something, when I have decided to do something, when others have done nothing, my driving force was my anger. I used to think that my anger was something negative that I had to learn to control.


What the workshop was about for me:

  • to speak for myself, with my feelings and needs
  • To speak to you, so that you can listen to me without being hurt.

I was able to take away the „idea“ of what „adult speaking“ can and cannot be.
The desire to keep practising it.
And I am inspired by the „One question – nine answers“ game to deepen conversations and to trace my own motives.


For me it was about new possibilities in dealing with myself and with my partner and circle of friends. What I took away from it was that I felt the quality of sadness. With the help of the coaching, I gained new insights into human relationships and ways to shape them more authentically.


For me it was very exciting to gain insight into which four feelings mainly determine us and which impulse to act they awaken in us.


n the last workshop, I was able to recognise the four different forms of communication types that one uses in one’s own communication and that one slips into like roles, depending on how consciously or also unconsciously one assumes that they will help one in communication and with one’s own concerns. By consciously slipping into these different types through role plays in the workshop, we were able to experience very effectively what they do to us on the one hand, and on the other hand, what effect they achieve in communication with others. Most impressive, however, were the four communication ego types that we use to get into contact with others and for me to realise what effect they have. The fact that becoming aware of their effect can help me to shape my own communication in a more constructive and self-determined way was an important impulse that I took away from the workshop.